Workshops & Seminars

Do you want your teams to reevaluate perspectives, recommit to collective goals, and forge new pathways to reaching the most complex strategic challenges? Our custom, tailored workshops help participants improve team dynamic and achieve sustained excellence. We pride ourselves on these wholly customized and creatively executed personal and professional development workshops & seminars. Workshop and seminar topics include:

  1. Project Fast Start (Activation) – Are you doing something new? Does your team have a clue? In two days, get your project and team off to the right start and your stakeholders on the same page. 
  2. Sustained Emotional Intelligence (Mental Fitness) – Learn science backed ways to understand emotional intelligence and sustain it. Identify what may sabotaging you and your teams. Enhance empathy, engagement and ultimately performance while learning how to face situations with your clearest mind to yield your best outcomes. Program can be adjusted to span 1 hour, 1/2 day, 2 months, to 1 year. 
  3. Leadership in Motion (Leadership)– Many of us have had to “rehearse” or “train” for something at some point in time. You visualize the goal, build out a plan, keep motivated, and celebrate success. These are the core tenants of project management. Have you ever missed the baton during critical execution? Chances are, you have. We can help. Imagine the strides that you might make with the right type of support. In this lively group program, spread over the course of 4 months, participants evaluate and experience leadership through the lens of an athlete. “Corporate PM Athletes” use powerful tenants of athletic training to drive higher levels of performance, collaboration, and support for organizational or shared vision. This program works well for organizations looking to prepare their teams to take on more complex roles or responsibilities or meet the challenges of critical project demands. Join the ranks of other “trained” leaders through Leadership in Motion.
  4.  Me, Inc. (Branding) – Take a fresh look at personal branding. Do you end up with the low impact work with little to NO visibility? Reassess your image and understand your “professional identity”. Work with a proven 5 step process to create a professional impact plan and take ownership for your image & effectiveness.