If you could change your outcomes with a 2 minute practice, 3 times a day, would you do it?

Build mastery over your mind, upgrade your leadership and performance with this 8-Week Mindset Mastery Course

Are you stuck in a rut, looking for an edge in how you lead – yourself, your team, your ADD ANYTHING HERE.  The Mindset Mastery Course is designed to empower you with the mental strength, self management, clarity, and resilience to thrive through uncertainty and change. 

In only 8-weeks, you can retrain your brain to produce better outcomes. 

90% Use Mental/​Emotional Energy More Effectively | 92% Better at Teamwork and Collaboration
91% Manage Stress Better | 85% Increase Happiness
82% Improve Relationships | 84% Better at Conflict Management | 97% Improve Empathy
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Why Choose this Course?

Most attempts at change fail because we stop at insight and don’t actually build habits. The science backed Positive Intelligence (PQ®️) Program empowers you to build new neural pathways to sustain positive, lasting change.

Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential, your relationships, and your happiness.

For whatever reason, you “other” yourself – You feel stuck with this job, on this team, with this boss, with these unimportant responsibilities, for this project that will never mean anything.

You find yourself quickly refocusing on everything else; where you might be able to assert control. 

Changing this “one thing” feels impossible for you. So you relegate yourself to silently being miserable, disengaging, or quiet quitting. 

What is the impact on the people around you? Not the “ones” who are causing the misery; the ones you really care about? How are they experiencing you? You may unknowingly be creating a new, intensely negative reputation. 

By learning to identify the sabotaging thoughts and triggers and strengthening 3 core mental muscles, you will become mentally stronger and better able to handle challenges with less stress and negativity.

That is what we call Mental Fitness.


The PQ®️ Program research based tools, including a proprietary app, help strengthen the part of the brain that serves you and quiets the part of the brain that sabotages you. 

With just 15 minutes of practice each day and watching a one-hour video each week, you will begin to see transformational changes. 

Don’t believe it, we dare you to bet on yourself and try (or you get your money back).

"I've spent thousands on trainings and courses and walked away with cool insights. This course gets you applying those insights to your daily life in a simple, lightweight manner. I'm better at managing my emotions and my personal relationships are less stressful than they used to be. I now have the tools to turn any situation into a gift."

Richard NB, VP Technology, Portfolio Company

This course is for you if you are...

COMMITTED TO IMPROVING YOUR PERFORMANCE: You’re ready to perform better while working less hard—similar to athletes “in the zone.”

READY TO EXPERIENCE MORE HAPPINESS: You’re ready to feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times. 

✅ READY TO IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: You’re ready to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony and improve your relationships.

✅ LOOKING FOR SCIENCE-BASED SYSTEMS: You want a scientifically proven system that works and will help you form new habits. 

✅ WILLING TO COMMIT 15 MINUTES A DAY: You will put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that do not serve you. 

Invest in yourself... your team...your company.
Build resilience to make better decisions.

“When something bad happens it takes a long time to recover. Invest 1% of your week to this program and get all your extra time back as you learn how to be more productive because you are more resilient.”

Farnia Fresnel, Certified PQ Mastery & Mental Fitness Coach