Project Management Coaching

Create Your Track (then get on it)

Make your complex challenges simple. Get big things done.

This six step process grounded in Project Management Institute and International Coach Federation best practices, consistently results in the best results for our clients.

  1. Listen – To what is said and more importantly, what may not have been said.
  2. Translate – Your spoken and unspoken drivers and desired results into a clearer picture. This is your why. 
  3. Validate – Call this the A/B test or proof of concept. Low investment of time or any other resources. How can you plant seeds and see if they germinate? 
  4. Plan – Go for it! Collaboratively create a plan and build accountability for the end game.
  5. Be or Do –  This step is part implementation and part marketing. What might you need to do/ setup/ organize to advance your intention?  How do you need to show up in order for it to come to life? 
  6. Check – Lift the learning. We build WITH you and check the progress of your results.