Plan Your Powerful Presence

Plan Your Powerful Presence

September 2,  at the Melville Marriott.

Join TLG on September 2 to write your fight song, capture your brand essence, and plan your powerful presence.

In the popular Fight Song, by Dave Bassett and Rachel Platten, they reference replacing the weight of regret and small thinking with newfound determination and personal power, to yield large scale impact. Are you in the midst of accomplishing something difficult? Have you recently emerged from a transformational experience? Are you supporting colleagues, friends or family through change? If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, you will benefit from this entertaining and thought provoking session. Workshop attendees will

  • learn how to recognize the language of limitation,
  • review the stories that we tell ourselves and others,
  • harness the good, bad and ugly in your story, and
  • rewrite your story – align your intention.


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